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5 Awesome Low Glycemic Sweet Treats

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Shortly into week one it became painfully obvious that I have a major sweet tooth.  Not even a reasonable sweet tooth, either.  It’s more of a “Please funnel molten chocolate down my throat” sweet tooth.  So a couple weeks ago I had to stop by the grocery store and while I was there I decided to check out what my options were.

I soon found out that just because you’re on a low glycemic diet, doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy a craving for something sugary every once in a while.  Keep in mind that these things are lower glycemic but shouldn’t be eaten in large amounts at one time.  You should use them sparingly as a reward or an occasional dessert and even at that you should take your time and enjoy them slowly.

Besides, as I found out the hard way, many low glycemic, sugar-free treats contain sugar substitutes that act as laxatives.  So don’t gorge!  Here are my favorite sweet treats from the last couple weeks:

  1. Fudge Chocolate ChipVoortman Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies
    I love these things!  These are the first batch of sugar-free cookies I ever tried and I must say they exceeded my expectations.  They are sweet enough that two cookies are all it takes for me to be in chocolate heaven.  These also have 0 trans fats!  The problem with sugar-free anything (and healthy food in general) is that it tends to cost more money than junk food.  Not so much with these.  They were only $2.50 for half a pound!  Not as cheap as the $1 generic sugary brand, but certainly not going to break the bank.
  2. Chocolate ChipVoortman Chocolate Chip Cookies
    I’m really starting to like this Voortman brand.  I liked their sugar-free Fudge Chocolate Chip so much that I decided to try a few other flavors.  The chocolate chip cookies are more “cookie” than “chocolate” but that’s not to say they aren’t as good.  It’s amazing.  In this particular batch I got, the chocolate chips were huge and so delicious.  They also have 0 trans fat (and I think all Voortman products do, but I wouldn’t swear to it.)  They were also $2.50 where I bought them, but you might be able to find them cheaper depending on where you shop.  Highly recommended!
  3. Iced Oatmeal CookiesVoortman Iced Oatmeal Cookies
    Again with the Voortmans!  I’m practically an addict by now.  The Iced Oatmeal cookies are great.  They are smaller than the other cookies.  Still sugar-free with 0 trans fat.  But, unlike the others, these are whole grain!  They also come in a bag instead of a tray.  Great for caring around wherever you go as a little harmless snack.  These are also the little guys that showed me what powerful laxative effect Maltitol (a sugar alcohol) can have on the human bowel.  Be careful with these things or you’ll have your stomach bubbling.
  4. Yellow AppleApples
    Apples are great if you’re in the mood for something fruity.  They have a low 38 on the Glycemic Index and are great desserts.  In my experience, they can get a bit addicting.  I’d typically eat 3 after a meal.  The small-mediumish apples are just about 90 calories each.  Not sure about the sugar, but the week I ate them the most I lost 6lbs.  Not saying there is a correlation between losing weight and eating apples, just that it didn’t seem to effect me at all that week despite the number of them I ate.
  5. Diet PepsiCaffeine-Free Diet Pepsi
    I’ve been drinking nothing but water for the past couple weeks and I’ll continue to drink mostly water, but it’s really nice to have some Caffeine-Free, Guilt-Free Diet Pepsi around the house.  I say caffeine-free because the consumption of caffeine can affect your metabolism and hinder weight loss.  One of these per day has been plenty for me.  Sweet AND satisfying!

Written by J. Bentley

December 31, 2008 at 8:00 am